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At Media Suite, we have a wide range of clients, but we specialise in meaningful public sector work which will enable society (and government) to adapt in a fast-changing world. We create systems and software to solve challenging and meaningful problems in various domains. If you’re up for a challenge and want to be surrounded by awesome colleagues who care deeply about what they do, you’re looking in the right place.

We are looking for a SysAdmin and Devops Manager to join our amazing team. This is a senior role who will be responsible for outcomes and not just individual tasks. The successful applicant will take over management of mature and well-planned infrastructure implementations, while having the experience to drive its evolution as the business grows. 

About you:

Whatever your background, the following behaviours and attitudes will be vital for success in this role:

  • A strong curiosity and growth mindset.

  • Willingness to take responsibility for the growth of the team and share key lessons & knowledge with others.

  • Capable of working with little supervision but willing to seek out direction when required and ask well-considered questions.

  • A top-tier communicator, ensuring that everyone from non-technical stakeholders to developers can understand the message you are delivering.

  • Willingness to take responsibility for achieving outcomes.

  • A calming influence on others during any incidents or other times of stress.

  • Someone who always does what they say they will.

  • A motivated and enthusiastic member of the team, willing to do your bit to ensure Media Suite is an awesome place to work.

  • Curious and inherently motivated by review, feedback and improvement. 

Skills, Experience & Education:

We are looking for someone with a demonstrable background in managing cloud infrastructure and DevOps activities proved over a number of years in similar roles. The successful candidate will have experience operating at a strategic level, and will be comfortable supporting a growing organisation as they transition to bigger projects with stricter requirements around privacy, security and auditing.

Clearly, technical skills are vital for a role such as this (more below). Equally important however, is how you will work within the team and help your colleagues, and the organisation itself,  to continuously improve. 

In this role, you will be asked to work with a wide array of technologies, but you should be comfortable with all of the areas outlined below:

  • Most of our services run on AWS. In particular it is necessary to understand the following: 

    • Infrastructure as Code familiarity with CloudFormation templates and stacks

    • Running Docker containers on Elastic Container Service

    • Serving content from S3 buckets via CloudFront

    • Understanding of SSL/TLS certificates, with use of Amazon Certificate Manager

    • Service monitoring with CloudWatch and issue investigation using tools such as Athena to interrogate logs

    • The AWS Well-Architected Framework - the 5 pillars of operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and cost optimization

    • AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) - understanding of least privilege and IAM policies.

    • Running LAMP stack applications such as Silverstripe on EC2 instances launched from an Auto Scaling Group.

  • Setting up CI/CD workflows with CircleCI and GitHub Actions

  • CloudFlare

  • PingDom - or other external monitoring tools

  • Linux Bash scripting

Beyond  knowing technology and best practice, it is important that you can demonstrate sound reasoning and decision making for the long term health of our services. 

This role will also require some aspect of teaching and mentoring. Developers will seek you out to understand how best to solve problems related to their infrastructure. Your experience will be sought on possible options for how a solution could be designed and implemented. Pairing on solving a problem or teaching a concept should be something that happens regularly and that you really enjoy supporting. 

A typical day in this role might involve:

  • Preparing accurate estimates for annual hosting costs for a Request for Proposal (RFP) response

  • Reviewing the in-production services to ensure they’re all operating within acceptable levels and there have been no concerning spikes at any point

  • Writing CloudFormation files for a new in-flight project to set up their development and UAT AWS environments

  • Troubleshooting a CircleCI build issue that’s causing the automated tests to fail only during the CI process

  • Preparing a strategy recommendation for the Director of Software Development on how we should be migrating RDS PostgreSQL instances to a new version, including any potential risks

  • Assisting the dev team with a production deployment out of hours.

About us:

We cherish our culture, so every hire we make is carefully considered.  

Our employment philosophy is simple. We look for the right people and then do what it takes to get them on board and keep them around. We invest in the right people to help realise their potential. 

We are an equal-opportunities employer, we don’t just accept our differences, we celebrate our diversity and grow through sharing our unique experiences and perspectives. We are wholeheartedly committed to creating an inclusive environment that offers each of us the chance to thrive. 

What we offer:

  • An awesome team to work with;

  • A place to grow;

  • Interesting clients & varied projects;

  • Competitive remuneration;

This role will be based in our Christchurch office, so being based in New Zealand with the right to work here is key.

If you have made it this far and are still interested, please upload your CV and cover by hitting the 'apply now' button. 

Applicants for this position should have NZ residency or a valid NZ work visa.

(no recruiters please)


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